Avon Stove and Fireplace Co.
Avon Stove and Fireplace Co.

Our Services

We offer a full range of services including:
• Site visits
• Design work
• Custom tile
• Surrounds and mantles
• Stone masonry work
• And much more...

Full delivery and installation for any hearth product by a trained insured professional in a timely manner.

All heating appliances require annual maintenance. A full range of
services and products are available in the showroom.

Don't let creosote build up in your chimney. Have your chimney swept and inspected on a regular basis to maintain the most efficiency in your fireplace or stove.

Special order parts and repairs for most hearth products available. Glass door repair, gasket and hearth repairs.

Yearly Maintenance Suggestions:

• Inspect the chimney for blockages and have a chimney sweep clean
• Inspect the stove gaskets for wear and replace or adjust
• Adjust the door pawls to maintain good gasket seals on the doors
• Touch-up painted surfaces with high-temperature stove paint
* If catalytic, inspect and clean the catalyst and vacuum out any pockets in the combustion system

chimney sweep